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Celestial Summer

Somewhere out there Cassini lets out a shutter.

Beyond all this earthly junk and clutter.

My earthly stomach is filled with a sudden flutter.

I seem to detect a pulse beyond the constant mutter.

The journey of mankind has been costly to say the least.

Long is the journey into knowledge from the beast.

And to what ends if this voyage had suddenly ceased?

Another evolution would become deceased.

Our bones hidden in the earth like a dinosaur.

As the mantle of the earth builds another floor.

For whom can mandate that we fulfill the chore?

Who has the right to rule over the sick and the poor?

What ends will this current task reveal?

How much shall they continue to conceal?

What of those who lie, cuss, and steal?

Does anybody else truly drop it this real?

Tonight is July 22, 2004.

I sit here with my feet off the floor.

Dreaming of home, space, and of war.

Wondering what space time has in store.

Tonight there is no one standing at the door.

Tonight I am alone again…evermore.

Current pressure I must ignore.

What of all the blood, guts and gore?

Celestial summer is upon me tonight.

The only true giver of nuclear light.

Whom ancestors revered with so much fright.

Today we pass off with ignorant spite.

Ancients once lay scattered across the land.

Knowledge persevered as it has planned.

Until it spread it’s clutches on every man.

And then nothing could escape the mighty hand.

And so we forgot the sun and all that it creates.

We think not of our ancestry nor our traits.

Only to feed upon the morsels on our plates.

Until the world is no longer made up of states.

Perhaps one day we will become old men.

We shall sit on the porch with bourbon and speak of then.

And of the things we did when we were ten.

The things we should have done…to really be able to live again.

So these current times move into the summer heat.

Where the past is dropped to clumsily to our feet.

Where you cannot stand until you take a seat.

And it takes more than willpower to make it to the street.

Celestial summer cares not how or why.

For all of our groans, we hear not a sigh.

For summertime is not the time to be shy.

It is the sun that dominates our sky.

Ancient voices call fruitlessly from their graves.

Loudest are those of believers and slaves.

Wonderers of which religion truly saves.

Shrilling like techno from underground raves.

We hear them not as we fall into the deception.

We cannot be late for a pre-planned reception.

We cannot help but laugh at the plan’s conception.

For knowledge was the only true contraception.

So I ask you on the verge of this dangerous game.

Can you spit at the wounded and the lame?

Or can you admit that we are one in the same?

Have you truly no respect, fear or shame?

Celestial summer speaks of intervention from the sky.

Hold on to these moments as they pass us by.

Can we make it alone now that we are up this high?

Is it our destiny to polarize and consequently die?

Yet, celestial summer reveals not why.

Energy to every girl and guy.

Summer sure has the ability to fly.

Fall speaks of barely and rye.

Tonight the summer calls to us to hold steady.

If the enemy should come; however, be ready.

Get ready to explode if need be like confetti.

Purchase canned goods like canned spaghetti.

Celestial summer is all the peace we shall have this year.

It shall be our only removal from our ultimate fear.

That we may never truly have lived right here.

And that we cannot ever hold anyone again so dear.

Celestial summer…please bring me the fancies of my heart.

Let me still grasp onto the benefit of an early start.

Know that I cannot do this so far apart.

For you shall re-appear again like celestial art

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