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Poison in our groundwater

Poison for our the trees.

Poison in food supply

Poisoning our seas.

Chemicals in the air

Poison on the breeze.

Poison for our livestock.

Poison for our bees.

Poison in the media.

Poison for our heads.

Poison in the stories they us tell us

Before we go to bed.

Poison in the party.

Poison in the bottle.

Poison on the airwaves

From your role model.

Poison in the medicine.

Poison in the pill.

Poison from Big Pharma

Poison from Capitol Hill.

Poison from the president.

Poison from the border.

Poison from executives

In the New World Order.

They want you to fight they’re war.

Prosperity that depends on the poor?

Hardly care when your body hits the floor

Except for the ring at your door.

When they exchange the freedom for the gore.

So what are you fighting for?

Why in the world do we fight?

Is it for a true freedom plight?

Is it so we can make things right?

They’re Zurich bound on a G5 flight.

Tax money on board. Thieves in the night.

War chest full and money outta sight.

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